By Your Side​/​Girl​/​What's Your Name

by The B45's

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released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


The B45's Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: By Your Side
There's a devil in my ear
He's reading poetry
There's an angel in my bed
She wants my heart
And I'm not dead yet
So please do not ignore me
I will speak my mind
Until I make my last remark

And I feel a little better
Yes, I feel a little better when I'm by your side

My metallic lighter
It takes me up to heaven
And my dreams are like
A heart to heart with God
And I'm finding that religion
Is a little inefficient
When all I do is pray for
What I've already got

And I feel a little better
Yes, I feel a little better when I'm by your side
Track Name: Girl
I can't write a song that truly shows how much I love you
You may piss me off but I know that I can't live without you

I see the beauty in your eyes
and they nearly hypnotize me

How can you do this to me
I can't resist the way you smile at me
the true beauty in your soul
oh oh oh oh
I love you, I love you, I love you
More and more

I dream night and day for us to run away to together
I can't walk away, I might just waste away forever

Track Name: What's Your Name
What's your name?
Who gave it to ya'?
Was it the USA?

Where'd you come from?
What are ya' doin'?
Won't you come over and play?

Hello there baby
Won't you guess my name
You look like a lonesome woman
Aint that a shame

Since you're here already
You've got a story to tell?
Who do you fancy?
What kind of woman?
She come from heaven or hell?